The smart solution for aircraft maintenance

We provide minor maintenance services such as attention to aircraft in transit, overnight stays, extended parking, type «A» services, attention to log reports, attention to failures, etc. With highly qualified staff and in the lowest response times.

We provide heavy maintenance services for calendar time, cycles and flight hours, with the best response times on the market and the highest levels of quality, backed by our 17 years in the commercial aviation market.

We provide advice and technical analysis to apply Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins, as well as its implementation in the aircraft we serve in compliance with current aviation regulations.

We make modifications or configuration changes to cabin interiors, such as cargo, executive, combi, VIP, etc., according to the needs of each client, through the design and analysis of our engineering department and experts in aircraft structures.

We provide services and advice in repair of cabin components and in general, with excellent response times, to minimize the impact on the operation of aircraft, through our own purchasing department and workshops.

We have approved capacity and highly trained personnel in performing non-destructive testing in ultrasound techniques, Eddy current, magnetic particles and penetrating liquids, for any aircraft model, being able to move our staff to the locality where they are, to reduce response times and operating costs.

We have highly trained equipment and personnel to carry out boroscopic inspections of the main engines of aeronautical use of major brands such as Pratt & Whitney, CFM, AE, Rolls Royce, GE, Garret.

Our purchasing department has extensive experience to locate any part and component in the shortest time, through our extensive network of suppliers who have gone through an arduous inspection process, to ensure the best response times, safety, reliability and cost in the market.

Through our engineering department and our strategic alliances with leading software and hardware manufacturers in the industry, we develop modifications of all kinds that result in the development and approval of additional type certificates for aircraft, reducing costs and times in the implementation of such modifications and extending the useful life of aircraft.

We have a Heavy Maintenance shop of brake and wheel assemblies with capacity for the most used marks and models on the market.

We have approval to carry out painting work on aircraft, as well as redesigning paint schemes.

We perform major structural modifications (installation of winlets, auxiliary tanks, lap joints, etc.), through highly trained staff, with more than 20 years of experience and our engineering department who are in charge of analyzing and developing the implementation of these modifications.

We have ramp-type equipment that does not require aircraft to be climbed in hydraulic jacks, reducing weighing times and the risks in the aircraft, being able to move our personnel and equipment to the place where the aircraft is located to perform the work. Our equipment has capacity for up to 150 tons.

We are certified to perform tests and adjustments to altimetry systems and RVSM equipment to most executive and commercial aircraft.

Our engineering department is able to develop maintenance programs customized to the type and mode of operation of each aircraft, in accordance with the stipulations of each manufacturer, as well as develop control systems for the control and application of Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins.

We dismantle aircraft and recycle, recovering the most relevant components.